Privacy Policy

Statement of Intent

Fantastic Nozzles as a responsible professional business understands that the right to privacy of our clients is paramount and we understand that our duty of confidentiality and privacy in relation to our clients and information about our clients is vitally important and cannot be compromised. As a result, at Fantastic Nozzles we take all necessary measures to ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of our clients is protected. This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with our Terms of Use for this website. For the purposes of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) Fantastic Nozzles is a small business operator and is not an agency or organisation for the purposes of the Australian Privacy Principles.

Accuracy of Personal Information

While Fantastic Nozzles will strive to ensure that any Personal Information we collect from you and use, will be accurate and current, the obligation to ensure that Fantastic Nozzles has your most recent Personal Information is with the client. Fantastic Nozzles will update some of your Personal Information from time to time as we deal with you, but if there is important Personal Information about you that has changed, especially if it relates to the services we provide to you, you must inform us immediately. If we believe that Personal Information you have provided to us is not accurate, then we may not change your existing Personal Information or we may place a caveat on any changed Personal Information.

Information Collection

As a service provider Fantastic Nozzles considers itself bound by strict rules governing client confidentiality, which are related to the legal and statutory confidentiality status that communications between us and our clients may have. These rules are in place as it is essential that clients are able to tell us all the information that we need to know, in order to properly provide them with the best possible service. This information is your Personal Information.

Security of Personal Information

All employees and third parties engaged by Fantastic Nozzles are required to adhere to our Privacy Policy. All employees and third parties engaged by Fantastic Nozzles are required to ensure that all Personal Information is held by them in a secure and safe environment and they are to retain custody of that Personal Information while it is being used by them. Personal Information or copies of it will not be removed from our offices unless it is for the purpose of providing our services to you. Custody, care and control of all Personal Information will be maintained at all times.

Access to your Personal Information

All clients of Fantastic Nozzles may make written request for access to their Personal Information and we will provide them with access to that Personal Information, unless there is a reason why we determine that access should not be granted. If access is not granted, then we will advise you of the reasons why access was denied. Employees and third parties engaged by Fantastic Nozzles are not authorised to provide clients with access to their Personal Information and such access can only be authorised by the Directors of Fantastic Nozzles. You can send your request for Personal Information to

Use of Personal Information

Personal Information provided to Fantastic Nozzles by you will only be used for providing our agreed services to you. This may involve providing that Personal Information to other professionals. Personal Information will not be used for any other purpose. Personal Information provided to us about your name and contact details, such as address and telephone number, may also be used by Fantastic Nozzles in the recovery of debts due to us by you and in providing information to you about our services that are relevant to you.

Credit Card Details

If you pay for products from Fantastic Nozzles by using your credit card, Fantastic Nozzles does not store your credit card details. Credit card payments are processed through our credit card processor’s merchant Gateway and only they receive any credit card details.

Disclosure of Information

Personal Information provided to Fantastic Nozzles by you will only be disclosed in accordance with our guidelines on Use of Personal Information. Disclosure to third parties, except for the purpose of the supply of our services, will not be made. If we receive requests for information about you from any third parties, those requests will be refused, unless you expressly authorise the release of information. If we receive demands for information from Regulatory or Statutory bodies, we will use all lawful means to refuse to disclose any information demanded.

Update of Privacy Policy

Fantastic Nozzles reserves the right to update this Policy at any time and any amended policy is effective upon posting it on this website. Your continued use of the website will be deemed acceptance of any amended Policy.