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Tank Level

ARAG VISIO ON-THE-GO Tank Level Monitor $1,995.00

Yes+ $272.00
Yes+ $89.00

 #Note that the Pressure Sensor Kit is OPTIONAL and not required for the operation of the Tank Level System.

Accurate to between 0.25% to 0.5% of maximum tank capacity.


• Manual or automatic software (through flowmeter) for tank calibration, can save up to 200 points.

• Can export/import tank calibration curves to/from other ARAG devices (Visio, Bravo 180S-300S-400S) to avoid repeating the calibration procedure.

• Tank minimum level alarm.

• Level reached during filling alarm.

• Can display job (tank fill or spray boom) pressure by selecting pressure sensor option.

• Minimum and maximum pressure alarms.

  • #NEW# Dual tank level on-the-go monitoring mode by adding a second Level Sensor. 



Screenshot 2017-07-14 12.16.52.png

ARAG VISIO ON-THE-GO Tank Level Monitor

Technical Sheet

Technical Features

Here are the components of the OPTIONAL Pressure Sensor Kit. You can use this as a back-up boom spray pressure monitor.


Pressure Sensor - 20 BAR

Screenshot 2017-07-14 14.52.30.png


Handy Suction Mount;

Screenshot 2017-07-18 13.56.17.png








NET Priced Item

ARAG VISIO ON-THE-GO Tank Level Monitor $1,995.00


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