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ATC | Wheel Track Nozzle Kits

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Better Weed Control in Wheel Tracks

Spinning wheels on your boom-sprayer displace air.  The result is usually to displace smaller droplets away from the wheel tracks; we have all seen this! 


  • The system works buy using a nozzle one half to one full size larger nozzle than on the rest of the boom for a slightly increased rate, but that's only a small part of solving the problem.
  • Twin fans in this situation have the effect of counteracting the updraft behind your machine.
  • The ATC also has larger droplets with greater momentum which assist in overcoming turbulence.
  • By placing one immediately behind each wheel, the twin pattern provides cover for the adjacent fans to overlap internally, resulting in a triple pass and awesome coverage.
  • The overall result, well, it just works!


Air Twin Ceramic nozzles are available individually or in a Kit comprising two ATC Nozzles with Caps & Seals



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Spray Quality classifications are in accordance with ASABE Standard S572.1



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