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WTK | Wheel Track Nozzle Kits

Wheel TRACKER Kit (TFA) $29.90


# Note, select only one size option (above) for each order. 

# See the notes below on choosing the right sized nozzle. 


This is a kit comprising two TWIN FAN AIR (TFA) nozzles with nozzle caps, seals.


Choosing the right size nozzle

Please consider, what size nozzle you wish to choose.

Going one up will have a negligible impact on the overall flow-rate of the boom, but may assist you given a higher rate of application directly behind the wheels.

 Let’s look at would happen at say 3 Bar pressure.

 Green 015, 0.6 Lit/min

Yellow 02, 0.8 Lit/min - Difference 0.2 Lit/min, (33% higher rate).


Yellow 02, 0.8Lit/min

Purple 025, 1.0 Lit/min - Difference 0.2 Lit/min, (25% higher rate).


Purple 025, 1.0 Lit/min

Blue 03, 1.2 Lit/min - Difference 0.2 Lit/min, (20% higher rate).

#You would have to give some consideration to your chemical mix here and whether or not the %age increase in rate would be problematic.



Technical Features


ASJ Spray-Jet #

Wheel TRACKER Kit (TFA) $29.90



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