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DEF | Deflector 140

2020 DEF.jpeg

For those weird odd jobs that you're struggling to use your conventional nozzles for!



Reduced clogging degree thanks to the wide round input.

• They supply big drops, thus reducing drift especially at low working pressure (1 ÷ 2 bars).

• Nozzle bodies have a slot for a screwdriver so that they can be perfectly aligned into the tip.

• Suitable for small crop spraying booms (for example for spraying golf courses). Thanks to their wide spraying angle, only one nozzle each meter is needed, thus dramatically reducing the number of nozzles needed for the job.

• Made of moulded Delrin®, a polymer ensuring high chemical stability and an exceptionally long useful life.

• Suitable for knapsack pump.
• Suitable for herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.



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