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CFLD-XC | 40° Spot Spray

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Often the weed is not present on the entire cultivated area. So why not just treat the areas where it is?

The CFLD-XC 40° nozzle has been developed for this purpose. Combined with an optical spot spraying system, it reduces the application on herbicides by limiting spraying to target only areas by utilising the 40° fan angle and the large droplet size (XC) of the CFLD technology.

CFLD-XC 40 can be combined with both conventional and PWM spraying systems.

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All new 40° Extra COARSE (XC) Spot Spray Nozzle


The Compact Fan Low Drift (CFLD) has been specifically designed for Spot Spray equipped boom sprayers on 25cm (10") nozzle spacing.

Being XC, we believe this is the first truly low drift option available for spot sprayers.

Available in 03 only at this time. 60° and 80° coming soon.



Note that the following chart is based on 25 cm nozzle spacings for Pulse Width Modulation and Spot Spraying Systems.


 CFLD4003 CHART.png