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CFLD-C | Compact Fan Low Drift


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Rated under ASABE S572.3

Our FANTASTIC range of Ceramic (Alumina) and Delrin® (Acetal Plastic) nozzles are precision moulded in Italy by ASJ Spray-Jet, part of the global ARAG Group. 

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Classic low drift NON Air Induction nozzles!


The Compact Fan Low Drift (CFLD) is a NON Air Induction nozzle and so particularly well suited for Pulse Width Modulation equipped boom sprayers like Agrifac SSP, Patriot PWM and JD ExactApply. 

To select the correct size nozzle for conventional operations on 50cm, please scroll down to view our charts at the bottom of the screen. For help with Custom Charts for your PWM system, please call Dave anytime on 08 6102 5886



Note that the following chart is based on 50cm nozzle spacings for conventional operations. Nozzle selection for Pulse Width Modulation Systems requires a bit more effort and must take account of the targeted Duty Cylce, differing nozzle spacing (25cm or 38cm), whether nozzles are operating singly or in pairs and the desired Spray Quality.

Link to PWM Charts

For a CUSTOM PWM Chart specific to your needs, contact Dave - 08 6102 5886



Spray Quality classifications are in accordance with ASABE Standard S572.3