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3TS | Nozzles


Purchase here to secure our 100+ Nozzle Price on BOTH sizes!


Our range of Classic and specialised Air Induction drift reduction nozzles are perfectly suited for your 2 or 3 tiered boom sprayer;

  • General applications Compact Fan Air (CFA),
  • High speed applications (20-30 km/h) Compact Fan Air TILT (CFA-T), and
  • 2,4-D applications, Compact Fan Air ULTRA (CFA-U).


Fits your current TeeJet, ARAG and Goldacres fan nozzle caps!

Despite that, you're welcome to add colour matched nozzle caps and seals at half price whenever you order new nozzles if you like. That's only $1.50 each! Well worth it for the convenience value when swapping out and, seals are about 70 cents in their own. Why wouldn't you?


 To select the correct size nozzle , please scroll down to view 035, 045 and 055 charts at the bottom of the screen. If you would like help with nozzle selection and transition pressure settings, please call me, Dave anytime on 08 6102 5886


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Goldacres Factory Fit

If you are buying a new Goldacres boom sprayer, you can order any of the above as a factory fitted option. Just speak to your Goldacres Dealer salesperson, and give me a ring to organise - Dave 









Source of the figures for these composite charts is the GRDC Spray Manual


#Note the GREEN zone between 3 & 4 BAR denotes the optimum 2,4-D compliant operating range for the Compact Fan Air ULTRA (CFA-U).

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Screenshot 2020-07-28 06.48.50.png