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 Me and Bernie. Powerhouse VRT pioneers back in the day!


Dear visitor,


Just in case you were wondering, here is my bio;



Worked as a counter jockey in the parts department, then later as the northern wheatbelt sales rep based in Geraldton Western Australia for Terra Trading Company, a wholesale distributer of ag chemicals and manufacturer of Terra-Hardi Boom Sprayers using Hardi booms, pumps, nozzles and components. Terra was also the sole importer for ALBUZ ceramic nozzles in Australia.



Terra Trading Company was taken over by ICI Chemicals and the equipment division was carved off to create Hardi Spraying Equipment WA.  That left ALBUZ out on a limb.  Being an enterprising type, I negotiated with the Hardi board and ALBUZ (involving a brief trip a quaint town called Evreux in France) to commence my own business called ALBUZ Spray & Safety Australia and took over the role as sole Australian Importer for ALBUZ.



My ALBUZ business was a success and gained the attention of Nufarm Ltd (via Croplands Equipment).  Nufarm bought out my business. I took on the role of State Manager for Croplands Equipment to develop a branch and Dealer network in WA.

After a couple of years with Croplands I struck out again and became a partner in a small precision ag startup based in Corrigin WA called Precision Farming Australia.  We were into site specific (DGPS located) soil sampling, yield mapping (importing direct from Micro-Trak in the US) and developed one of the first commercially successful DGPS guidance systems called Farmlap.  PFA partnered with Kym Eldredge Electronics (the original KEE) in Clare SA.  We handled their air seeder and boomsprayer control systems in WA and they handled our Farmlap guidance system in SA and beyond.



PFA was purchased by Computronics Ltd (Farmscan) a WA based ag electronics company.  I moved on again to become a founding partner and Director in the new KEE Technologies which went on to develop the ZYNX Precision Control & Guidance System.  KEE Technologies was eventually purchased by Topcon Precision Ag.

After the Topcon take-over I moved to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and started a bullion company in Singapore.  Nothing particularly agricultural about that but a fascinating experience and heap of fun none the less ;)


Fast forward to 2015 

Back in Aus, the opportunity arose to be involved in introducing ARAG/ASJ Spray-Jet products to you (Australian Farmers and Spraying Contractors) via a new e-commerce business model; Fantastic Nozzles at


With the exception of my dabbling in precious metals in Asia, pretty much a working life in ag!


Dave Young