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Boom Flush & Recirculation Systems

Developed specifically by Arag Australia to provide an easy to install retro-fit option for FULL FLOW RECIRCULATION on the latest John Deere (Exact Apply) Pulse Width Modulated System, and for manual boom section flush valves on all JD models.


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ARAG Boom Recirculation System

The Arag Boom Recirculation System allows the boom to be plumbed in a single boom line recirculation configuration. This allows the flow to travel through the boom and back to the tank when not spraying.

  • Pressurise/prime spray line on way to job,
    • That means instant ON, for an immediate fully dispersed spray pattern.
  • Flush boom lines to tank or to ground (safe disposal),
    • That gives you dual options for drainage and disposal.
  • Prevent particles settling in boom lines or tank,
    • Well, that's stating the obvious ;)
  • Hygienic contamination prevention.
    • This you can calculate precisely against the cost of the first few hectares of a damaged crop!

Arag BRS is suited to all Individual Nozzle Control systems, such as ARAG Seletron, ARAG Selejet and the JD Exact Apply system!


Recirculation for JD

  • The system on JD is enabled by replacing the boom section end aspirators with a specially engineered fitting allowing the connection of all of the sections into a single (common rail) line.
  • Switch between Spray and Recirculation modes with a single in cab switch. 
  • Flushing to ground (safe disposal), is done with a simple manual, ball valve.


Manual boom section flush for JD

Using the same stainless steel component to replace the JD aspirator as on the recirculation system, add elbow, T Fork fittings and ARAG flush valves.

2020 BRS Spray Mode.png


ARAG Recirculation System for JD, pre-installation.

2020 BRS Recirculation Mode.png


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