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This is an original article that I have written to help explain some of the important issues about broad-acre spraying from the perspective of nozzle selection.

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Spray Quality Management Update


Before the 2,4-D Spray Quality restrictions were legislated in late 2018, the nozzle selection process was simply to look for the coarsest Spray Quality providing efficacy over the target.

Since October 2018, my role as a supplier of Agricultural Spray Nozzles has by necessity been substantially transformed.  A Nozzle Guy I remain in a supply sense, but lately the job I’m doing is being your Spray Quality Management Advisor!

In the “old days”, looking for one nozzle to do everything was quite often possible. Now, with 2,4-D requiring VC or XC under pain of severe penalty, that concept is a thing of the past in the majority of cases! That attitudes are changing to the idea of the “general” nozzle is borne out by our recent survey:

 Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 15.36.15.png


The Q&A’s that I’m doing by phone, email and Twitter Message lately are totally about rates, speeds and specific Spray Quality requirements for specific applications.

To help you out with that, we’ve even gone the extra mile to provide precise Spray Quality transition pressures beyond the normal charts.  That extra information can go a long way to ensuring legal compliance and identify any extra utility for the nozzle in question.

(Introducing ASAE S572.3)

The latest new on the Spray Quality front is the arrival of ASAE S572.3. Details and implications for 2,4-D use are fully explained by Gary Door, Risk Manager for the APVMA at this link. If the article looks like providing information overload for you, just go to the paragraph marked in red ;)


In our new circumstances, the focus on how we present our Fantastic Nozzles to you at NOZZLES.ONLINE has been undergoing some subtle changes.  The spotlight now is quite deliberately on helping you overcome your Spray Quality management challenges!

Now that I’m offering up myself to you as your Spray Quality Guy, as well as your Nozzle Guy, the curlier the challenges you throw at me, the more I’ll like it. Think as if your Spray Quality Management problems are mine to sort out for you from now on ;)



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