Practical Guide to 2,4-D Spray Quality Compliance



#24D Compliance through sensible nozzle choices.


Nozzle Selection for 2,4-D Applications

New label requirements for products containing 2,4-D came into effect on Thursday the 4th of October.


The new rules demand a minimum working Spray Quality of VC (Very Coarse) at all times. 

The nozzles must be rated according to the International Standard ASABE S572-1 (surfactant added). Our nozzles, manufacturer by ASJ Spray-Jet, (part of the global ARAG Group), are rated according to this standard.

Click here for info on ASABE S572.1


Detailed records will be required to be kept with information including nozzle brand, size, rate/ha and spray pressure to be recorded to prove compliance.

In addition to the basic VC requirement, it is further "advised" between October 1st and April 15th for "summer spraying" in cereals, pasture and fallow situations, that XC/UC Spray Quality be used.  The "advisory" section, is "recommended best practice" and although not mandatory, ought to be the option followed if in doubt.


"Click here to read the full regulations"


In order to be compliant with the new rules, and/or to implement best practice according to the “advisory”, a re-think about nozzle selection will be required.


3TS systems

Pretty much the standard kit of 015/02 nozzles in either COARSE or COARSE/MEDIUM is what will be found on most machines currently.


With the ARAG nozzles, VC can be achieved with the Compact Fan Air ULTRA in any of 01, 015 or 02 nozzles on either tier by operating at 4 BAR or less.

For any of you buying and setting up a new 3TS sprayer, we've put a nozzle SET together for you to cover compliance for COARSE and VERY COARSE across the full spectrum of rates and speeds.


Click here to look at our 3TS configuration options.



For XC/UC application on your existing 3TS, replace one tier with an ASJ Twin Fan Air of appropriate size and operate one tier only on 50cm. 


Single line 25cm spacing

Similar to the 3TS, you may have all 015’s or a mixture 01/015’s, 015/02 etc. but on a single line.

Again, choose a suitable combination of CFA ULTRA’s operating at 4 BAR or less for your VC compliance.


The added benefit with the CFA ULTRA’s is that they may be operated above 4.5BAR to achieve COARSE Spray Quality, when 2,4-D is not in use. 


For XC/UC application, select a suitable Twin Fan Air on 50cm and turn off or blank cap the rest.


Single line 50 cm spacing

For VC use the Compact Fan Air Tilt (CFAT) in size 025 and above up to 4BAR, Compact Fan Air ULTRA (CFAU) in size 02 up to 4 BAR or the CFAU 03 up to 7 BAR.


For XC/UC use the Twin Fan Air.


 Single line 38cm spacing

For VC, Use Fan Air Ceramic, AFC11002's (or 03’s) up to 4BAR, CFA ULTRA 02 up to 4BAR or 03 up to 7BAR.

#Note the new Fan Air Ceramic is due for release in November.


For XC/UC, I'm suggesting the Twin Fan Air again. 


Pulse Width Modulated Sprayers

For VC, use the Twin Fan Low Drift, TFLD02 on 25cm.

For XC/UC use the Twin Fan Low Drift, TFLD 04 or 05 on 50cm.




Nozzle selection may require some compromise in terms of rates and speeds, what's NOT up for compromise is the Spray Quality.


Operators electing to follow the advisory, may find it convenient to move to 50cm spacings, with a quick nozzle change for specific jobs. 


I have outlined some simple choices from within our ARAG/ASJ product range that can be used to achieve VC Spray Quality and still offer the ability to go COARSE when 2,4-D is not in the mix. 

That along with a purposed set of XC/UC nozzles on 50cm (in our case the Twin Fan Air, or Twin Fan Low Drift for PWM sprayers), you'll have everything covered with compliance and efficacy. 


Here are the direct links to the appropriate product pages;

Compact Fan Air ULTRA for VC,

Twin Fan Air for XC/UC and

Twin Fan Low Drift for VC/XC for PWM sprayers.

3TS nozzle SET's





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