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1 | Recirculate & Flush for JD | 36.5m $11,100.00


JD Compatible boom flush and recirculation system from Arag Australia.

This is a complete kit of all necessary ARAG components, with a comprehensive installation and operations manual.

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ARAG's price does not include sundries (1" hose, hose clamps and 'o'ring lube) available separately.  

1 | Recirculate & Flush for JD | 36.5m

Technical Sheet

Technical Features

Pressure Drop and Minimum Recommended Pressure Settings.

Pressure Drop across Exact Apply Solenoids

PWM solenoids represent a restriction to flow, and may cause a pressure drop. John Deere has published the pressure drop and operators should consult the JD Manual. These pressure drops, though small must be added to the operating pressure of the sprayer particularly for low pressure operation  -

NO Pressure Drop between boom feeds.

The ARAG three feed configuration (boom ends and centre on a 36.5m boom) measured at 1BAR on the JD Control System shows no measurable decrease in spray volume. Test results as follows;

Nozzle 4, 400ml | Nozzle 10, 400ml | Nozzle 23, 400ml | Center, 400ml

Recommended minimum operating pressure

Independent of the pressure drop across the solenoid Arag Australia recommends a minimum operating pressure of 1BAR in spray mode with the ARAG Boom Recirculation System with nozzles rated by their manufacturer from 1BAR of less.


ARAG Recirculation Systems

1 | Recirculate & Flush for JD | 36.5m $11,100.00


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