Compact Fan Air Tilt

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Our range of Fantastic Nozzles are manufactured in Centavo Italy by ASJ Spray-Jet, (an integral part of the global ARAG Group), for online distribution in Australia and elsewhere via


Not only is the Compact Fan Air Tilt a great new product in it's own right, we have taken advantage of it's unique features (air-induction tilting nozzle), and called it the stubble JET.  When set up correctly this nozzle will provide you with an awesome solution for knocking off summer weeds in heavy stubble. 


The great news is that this stubble JET configuration is fantastic for most other applications to and here are the reasons why;


  • Air injection creates relatively large air filled droplets, reducing drift by up to 87%.  

  • Improved penetration in heavy canopy or standing stubble due to a moderate 13° TILT which compensates for forward speed, while maintaining droplet momentum.

  • Improved target coverage.  When small ground level weeds are your problem, avoiding the upright stubble is the best way to hit them.

  • Converts to the canopy JET buy directing each other nozzle forward to mimmic a twin-fan or twin nozzle set-up for fungicide and insecticide applications at no extra cost.
  • Suitable for both 50cm and 25cm nozzle spacings.




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CHARTS, 3TS pairs & presets

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Spray Quality classifications are in accordance with ASABE Standard S572.1


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