Seletron - ibx100 ISOBUS Nozzle System

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25 or 50cm,

3 Tiered ISOBUS Nozzle System


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Due to our close and unique collaboration with ARAG Australia, we are pleased to bring you a range of single and Three Tiered Spraying (3TS) combinations based on ARAG's ibx100 ISOBUS and Seletron individual nozzle control valves.

  • The main benefits of this system are continuous full pressure recirculation whether the boom is on or off, and
  • Reduced inputs resulting from more accurate application and elimination of overlaps from individual nozzle control operation (in ISOBUS mode).

These systems are designed for a "one plug" connection to a JD Generation 4 ISOBUS, and any other compatible ISOBUS console which screen will be populated from the ibx100 ISOBUS Command Unit. 

Another enhancement we have brought to the collaboration is the ability to select your Spray Quality in 3TS mode by use of a set of custom pre-set transitions using ideally paired ASJ Spray-Jet nozzles sold separately. 

The system is a priced in two parts requiring the ibx100 Command Kit plus a standard or 3TS boom plumbing kit. The two kits together comprise all of the components necessary to allow you to improve productivity and reduce costs.

The system will be fully operational from any compatible touch screen, however there are some auxiliary input options available including switch boxes and a joystick if required.

Finally, we provide a professional Australia wide installation and commissioning service.

The system is suitable for any type of trailed or self propelled boom sprayer and is the perfect performance enhancement to any sprayer, old or new!

And now, it's really easy to buy with introductory discounts and finance options available. So pleases call ;)



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Task Controller / Screen Compatibility


Understanding that is that ISOBUS task controllers have limitations with some control systems is important.

For example the John Deere 2630 screen - Green star 3 can control 16 sections with GPS. The IBX100 is able to work with this and just distributes the nozzles to the available sections.

The Trimble FMX supports 48 and the older Topcon software in the X25 and X30 only supported 32. It would be worthwhile contacting your supplier in regards to current and pending software mods for your screen type.

However these days all the major latest terminals support up to 255 sections allowing individual nozzle control. The latest John Deere GS4 does 96 sections at this point in time.

So we recommend sticking with the majors and ensure they have the latest release firmware installed. John Deere have told us that the 2630 though will not go beyond the 16 sections so bear that in mind.