Air Twin Ceramic

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FANTASTIC NOZZLES are manufactured in Italy by ASJ Spray-Jet, (Nozzle manufacturer for the global ARAG Group), for distribution in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Canada and the USA via



 Better Weed Control in Wheel Tracks

Spinning wheels on your boom-sprayer displace air.  The result is usually to displace smaller droplets away from the wheel tracks; we have all seen this!  That’s where our Air Twin Ceramic nozzles come into their own with bigger droplets of greater momentum and a double pass. Just replace the nozzles immediately above your wheel tracks with these. 

Available each or in a Kit comprising two ATC Nozzles with Caps & Seals


  • Maximum drift reduction up to 90%
  • Better penetration into stubble and dense canopy to an super aggressive 30 degree forward and reverse spray angles.  
  • Vastly improved coverage due to the 'double pass' effect combined with the rearward spray pattern compensating for forward speed for a more direct route to the target.
  • Ceramic construction means consistent and reliable season after season performance!


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Spray Quality classifications are in accordance with ASABE Standard S572.1



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