Air Twin Ceramic

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Our range of Fantastic Nozzles are manufactured in Centavo Italy by ASJ Spray-Jet, (an integral part of the global ARAG Group), for online distribution in Australia and elsewhere via



 Better Weed Control in Wheel Tracks

Spinning wheels on your boom-sprayer displace air.  The result is usually to displace smaller droplets away from the wheel tracks; we have all seen this!  That’s where our Air Twin Ceramic nozzles come into their own with bigger droplets of greater momentum and a double pass. Just replace the nozzles immediately above your wheel tracks with these. 

Available each or in a Kit comprising two ATC Nozzles with Caps & Seals


  • Maximum drift reduction up to 90%
  • Better penetration into stubble and dense canopy to an super aggressive 30 degree forward and reverse spray angles.  
  • Vastly improved coverage due to the 'double pass' effect combined with the rearward spray pattern compensating for forward speed for a more direct route to the target.
  • Ceramic construction means consistent and reliable season after season performance!


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Spray Quality classifications are in accordance with ASABE Standard S572.1



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