Boom-Section Filter Kits

Make nozzle blockage a thing of the past with our, easy to install boom section filters using ARAG's versatile 322 line-filters, supplied in KIT form with all of the necessary connections.


Efficient filtration is more to do with surface area than mesh size!


Minimise frustrating nozzle blockages!

Despite having excellent filtration on your batch filling system and the suction side of your sprayers pump, nozzle blockages still happen more frequently than you would like right?

Blockages occur mainly because of the aggregation of particles in the pressure side of your system.

The efficient way to deal with the problem is to position line-filters in your delivery lines, close to the boom section entry points.

In this way, you will maximise the surface area of filter screen, making aggregated particles much easier to manage than with painfully inefficient individual nozzle filters.

 We've put a variety of handy kits together, to make it very easy to choose what components you'll need for your unique installation... 

ARAG Line-filter, Series 322

• Fork coupling T4
• Max. working pressure 14 bar (200 PSI)
• Filtering capacity 150 ÷ 160 l/min
• Cartridge Ø 38 x 125 mm
• Fixing points on both sides
• Polypropylene body
• EPDM gaskets

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SPECIFICATIONS | ARAG line-filter series 322


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